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IT Support/Maintenance

George Paterson Computer Services provide all aspects of IT support for home users and small businesses. We pride ourselves that we always offer professional and impartial advice on all aspects of your computing needs.

Below, you will find details of many of our services.

PC/Laptop Installation and Setup

Bought a new PC/Laptop and don’t know how to set it up – we can do that for you.

Our setup service includes

  • Initial setup from the box.
  • Update all available windows updates.
  • Install Internet Security.
  • Load MS Office (if required).
  • Transfer files and emails from your old PC/Laptop..
  • Ensure internet working.
  • Setup Emails
  • Configure printers.

PC Health Check

Is your PC/Laptop running slowly?  Our PC Health Check will report on all hardware and software components of your system and advise on any remedial action required such as –

  • Cleaning up your hard drive by removing temporary files
  • Remove old windows update files.
  • Removal of viruses.
  • Identify and clear any adware/spyware.
  • Ensure your Internet Security is up to the job and current.
  • Check your backup is working / advise on a backup strategy.
  • View the event log for signs of hardware or software problems.
  • Outlining an upgrade path if required.

Broadband/Network Installation

Having problems installing your broadband or want to create a local area network in your home or office to share your files and printers – we can set it up for you and explain how it works in plain English.

We can setup your broadband and advise on WiFi boosters or Power-line plugs to get your broadband to remote areas in your house/office where you are not getting a WiFi signal from the router.

We can network your office to allow you to share files and printers across all your PC’s and laptops. This can significantly improve performance in your office.

Software/Hardware Support

Having problems with software not working or your printer not printing – give us a call and we will be happy to help. Most faults are resolved within one hour.

We are specialists in hardware fault finding. Anything from a failing hard drive or power supply to issues with wireless keyboards/mouse.

On the software side, we can track down problems with device drivers, malware and viruses, issues with your Internet Security, Microsoft Office or Sage packages.

Give us a call if you have hardware or software problems and we will be happy to work out a way forward for you.

PC Upgrades

Is your PC not up to the job anymore?

Need a bigger hard drive or more memory? – no problem, we can upgrade your system for you.

  • Memory
  • SSD hard drives
  • Standard hard drives
  • Graphics cards
  • Power supplies
  • Network cards
  • DVD/Blu-Ray