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Remote Support

Remote SupportFor existing customers, George Paterson Computer Services now offer a remote support service using GoToAssist. This allows us to connect remotely to your PC and diagnose and correct most faults quickly.

The service is safe, secure and reliable, with you always in control.  We can only dial into your computer if you grant access using a unique 9 digit code that can only be used for one session.

By ending the remote session, we are logged out of your computer. The computer cannot be accessed again unless you authorise us, using another unique 9 digit code.

During a remote session, you are able to see exactly what we are doing on your PC at all times. We will also explain what issues have been found, and what we need to do to fix the problem.

To use this service your PC must be able to boot into Windows and have a working broadband connection.

If you are a TalkTalk customer you will need to log into your TalkTalk account then go to –

My Services > Broadband > View HomeSafe Settings and disable Scam Protection prior to using this service.